Welcome to GeorgiaIndependentVoters.org

Welcome to Georgia Independent Voters!

We are a diverse network of independent voters and activists in Georgia who are working to develop the voice of independents here in Georgia. We work with other independent networks around the country through media, lobbying and legislative initiatives. Click HERE to learn about some of our activities.

Who Are Independents?

In Georgia and around the country, independents are playing a bigger role in influencing, shaping and determining the course of elections, and more importantly, policy decisions. More than thirty-five percent of all Americans currently identify themselves as independents. Roughly 22% of the electorate are registered as such: independent, decline-to-state, unaffiliated, or enrolled in third parties. The remainder live in states without partisan registration, but self-identify as independents in polls. In these states, substantial numbers of Republicans and Democrats — who register in a party in order to vote in primaries — consider themselves to be independents. What most independent voters mean by “independent” is that they aren’t party loyalists. Many believe partisanship has degraded our democracy and that the Democrats and Republicans have become “special interests” unto themselves.

Registering as an Independent in Georgia

In Georgia, there is no partisan registration, and primaries are “open”, or accessible to everyone regardless of party affiliation.  While this means it’s harder to tell how many of us there are, it also means we are able to have an influence on both primary and general elections.  Independents in many states with “closed” primaries are now fighting to get their states to open their primaries so their voices can be heard.  The major parties in several states with “open” primaries are now fighting to close the process – understandably given the rapidly increasing numbers of independents across the country.  Polling of Georgia voters indicate that 30% of voters consider themselves to be independent, though our polling suggest that the percentage is much higher (as high as 50-60%). In 2008, 28% of voters in Georgia self-identified as independents – this amounts to over one million voters in Georgia.

Join the Network of Independents

This website was developed to welcome you to access the work of independent voters in Georgia and around the country. In addition, we welcome the voices of independents to hear from you, what you are concerned with, what do you believe.

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